Mink Lashes – The Ultimate Guide (Real and Faux)

Mink lashes - faux and real 3d

Do you fancy that gorgeous look and attention that mink lashes give you? We could disagree on a lot of things, but one thing is certain, real mink lash extensions will almost always give you a feminity boost. We show you everything to know about mink lashes and some that you could get from Amazon really cheap. We cover the different types, lengths, volume, durability, the real vs faux mink lashes, cool suppliers, how to apply it, and even how it is made. Some very cool videos are included, so grab a cup of your favorite drink, and let’s ride.
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What are mink lashes

These are eyelashes made from mink fur. They are light, soft, fluffy, and look as natural as a think human eyelash or even better. This definition applier to the real stuff, though the term is also used for synthetic alternatives called faux mink lashes. Real mink lashes are of superior quality far exceeding synthetic alternatives. They are very light and blend in so nicely and most people will not know it is an extension. Further below, we will explain the major differences and similarities between both.

Properties of mink lashes

properties of mink lashes curl, thickness, length, width

Mink lash length and width

Mink lashes come in different lengths and widths. The lengths typically vary from 3mm to 20mm. While the width or thickness could go from as little as 0.05mm to as much as 0.30mm thick. Thicker and longer lashes are heavier and can cause your natural lash to fall off.

Mink lash curl

The curl can define the overall look and feel of the eyelash. Letters of the alphabet are used to denote specific curls or shapes of mink eyelashes. C curl is the most common and will match most people’s natural eyelashes. The letters include: J curl, B curl, C curl, CC curl, D curl, L curl, L+ curl, and U curl

Mink lash extension volume

mink lash extensions 2d 3d 4d 5d 6d 7d
This describes how the mink lashes are clustered. In a classic setup, one lash extension is glued to one natural lash. In case 2 lashes form a cluster, it is 2D and a cluster of 3 is 3D, etc. It is common to find mink lash 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and even 7D.

Durability of mink lashes

Here we simply refer to how long you keep the lashes. They could be daily or temporal, semi-permanent that could last weeks and permanent that could last months. This also depends if you use eyelash strips, individual lashes, or eyelash extensions.

Real mink vs Faux mink lashes

real vs faux mink lashes
Because real mink eyelash extensions come from the actual animal, they tend to be rather expensive. Faux mink eyelashes are the synthetic alternatives to the real stuff. This is more popular as they are cheaper, look, and feel the same as the real one and void of potential animal cruelty in mink farms. Actually, you will not even know the difference between both as they look and feel the same. Can you tell which is which from the image above? I bet you can’t. Check out some of the best ones on Amazon below.
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Best Real and faux mink lashes

  • NEW 4 Pairs 3D Mink Hair False Eyelashes Criss-cross Wispy Cross Fluffy length 25mm Lashes Extension Handmade Eye Makeup Tools (MDR-4): CHECK ON AMAZON
  • Mikiwi 25mm Lashes, Dramatic 6D Faux Mink Lashes, Fluffy Volume Eyelashes, Thick Crossed Lashes, Long Faux 25mm Mink Lashes (6D4-05): CHECK ON AMAZON
  • 3D Mink Lashes Wholesale Handmade Reusable Mink Eyelashes Luxurious Wispy Natural Cross Thick Long False Lashes Pack (15 Pairs/3 Pack): CHECK ON AMAZON
  • 3D Eyelashes Pack 10 style 20mm Mink Eyelashes Bulk Wholesale Natural Looking Full Siberian Wispy Mink Strip Lashes Handmade False Eyelashes Cosplay: CHECK ON AMAZON
  • Tru Beauty, Natural Mink Lashes, Includes Adhesive, 5 Reusable Pairs – Natural: CHECK ON AMAZON
  • BEPHOLAN Mink Lashes | 100% Siberian Mink Fur False Eyelashes | Dramatic Round Look | 3D Layered Effect | 100% Handmade & Cruelty-Free | Reusable | XMZ10: CHECK ON AMAZON
  • 3D False Eyelashes Extension 25mm Long Lashes for Women’s Make Up Handmade Soft Fake Eyelash (NEW5): CHECK ON AMAZON
  • Eyelash Extension D Curl 0.07 15-20mm Mixed Tray Easy Fan Lashes 2D-10D Volume Lashes Extension Self Fanning Lashes by FADLASH (0.07-D, 15-20mm Mix): CHECK ON AMAZON

Luxury mink lashes

  • Ardell False Eyelashes Demi Wispies Black, 1 pack (5 pairs per pack): CHECK ON AMAZON
  • 12packs Eyelashes – #DW (Christina): CHECK ON AMAZON
  • Sweed Pro Lashes All Black Beroe 2 Stück: CHECK ON AMAZON
  • Eylure Luxe Cashmere Lashes, No. 9: CHECK ON AMAZON
  • 3D Mink Fur Lash Set: 3 Pairs Long Lasting Lashes – Glue – Cruelty free – Tweezers & Mirror | Winged Natural & Dramatic Reusable Eyelashes | Latex-Free Adhesive & Applicator ● Handmade Up to 20 Wears: CHECK ON AMAZON
  • Premium 4D Mink Lash (Bali): CHECK ON AMAZON
  • More Options: CHECK ON AMAZON

Mink lashes bulk/wholesale suppliers

  • Wholesale 5D Mink Eyelash Bulk Thick Strip 25mm 3D False Eyelashes Long Dramatic Lashes Soft Curly Mink Lashes 30/50/60/100 Pairs DHL/Fedex Shipping (Random 100 pair mixed): CHECK ON AMAZON
  • Meet You 25Mm False Eyelashes 3Dreal Mink Luxury Lashes Custom Packing Label Makeup Dramatic Long Fluffy Handmade Lashes,50 Pairs With Logo: CHECK ON AMAZON
  • 350 Pairs/50Box 100% Real Mink Fake Eyelashes 3D Natural False Eyelashes 3D Mink Lashes Soft Eyelash Extension Makeup Kit,T10: CHECK ON AMAZON

Cheap and affordable mink lashes

  • BEPHOLAN Mink Lashes | 100% Siberian Mink Fur False Eyelashes | Dramatic Round Look | 3D Layered Effect | 100% Handmade & Cruelty-Free | Reusable | XMZ10: CHECK ON AMAZON
  • 25mm Mink Eyelashes High Volume Fake Eyelashes Hand Made Fake 3D Mink Eyelashes Cruelty-free Dramatic Look/False Eyelashes: CHECK ON AMAZON
  • KellyRoom 3D Faux Mink Lashes Pack: 10 Pairs Dramatic Natural False Eyelashes with Lash Applicator-2 Styles: CHECK ON AMAZON
  • Imported Fiber 3D Mink False Eye lashes Handmade Reusable Long Cross Makeup Natural 3D Fake Thick Black EyeLashes 3 Pairs(3D-01): CHECK ON AMAZON

Here are some more super cheap mink lashes. Watch the video till the end to get more super cheap suppliers that you could use.

Other super cheap mink lashes

Visit AliExpress to search these items. 5D06, 5D04, 5D09, 3D305, A1, A4, and the Lash Tool.

Mink Individual Lashes, Eyelash Extensions and strip lashes

mink strip lashes individual and eyelash extensions real and fake
A lot of starters think mink lash strips, mink individual lashes are the same as mink eyelash extensions. It’s no surprise, I also did. Actually, these are the three of the most common types of lashes that women wear today. You need to get this little difference so that you buy exactly what you need. One thing to note though is that both the individual and the extension could either be faux or real mink.

Mink strip lashes

Mink strip lashes are eyelash clusters that are applied above the upper lash line to give you more volume and stunning looks. They look very natural and come in varying lengths. They are much easier to apply compared to individual lashes and eyelash extensions.

Mink Individual lashes

Mink individual lashes are very similar to cut up eyelash strips. You will see them in small clusters that commonly have about 3 to 5 lashes per piece. These are inserted individually on the eyelid or natural eyelash with temporal lash glue. The main advantage of having these little chunks is the flexibility that you have in inserting them. Depending on the desired look, you could apply more to one side of the eye or evenly. You also have control over the volume/thickness. Mink individual eyelashes give you endless possibilities of customization for a stunning look. It could take as little as 15 minutes to apply individual lashes though it is not recommended to keep it on for too long. You need to practice very well before applying mink individual lashes yourself or only let a professional do it for you as you don’t want to mess with glue or objects near the eye.

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Mink eyelash extensions are very natural looking eyelashes that could last much longer than individual lashes. Unlike individual lashes that come in clusters, mink eyelash extensions are inserted one at a time using semi-permanent. When done by a professional, they should look as if they are coming from your eyes with no way to differentiate between your actual eyelashes and the mink extensions. Though they can take as much as 2 hours to insert, they can also last much longer if you take good care. The kind of mink eyelash extension that you apply can also depend on your natural eyelash. Don’t use very long or heavy extensions on short lashes to avoid irritation or damage.

Magnetic mink lashes

This amazing advancement involves using a pair of lashes for each side that are fused together over your natural eyelash using a tiny and usually noticeable magnet. They are the easiest to apply simply using your fingers or with an applicator provided by some brands. These look like tweezers. The main advantage of using magnetic mink lashes is that it doesn’t require glue, less messy, less risky and can be re-used.

  • Ardell Magnetic Lashes Accents 002 (4 Packs): CHECK ON AMAZON
  • Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit, Magnetic Eyeliner for Magnetic Eyelashes Set, With Reusable Lashes [5 Pairs]: CHECK ON AMAZON

How to apply mink lashes

Watch the video below to learn how to apply lashes. Here is some of what you will learn: How to select the curl and length of lashes, where to place them and why, how to isolate and apply lashes, what to do with baby lashes, how much glue to use, how many extensions to use per natural eyelash, drying up and taping, and extra tips for styling.

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How are mink lashes made

There are a lot of claims that real mink lashes involve animal cruelty and that is why many suppliers and consumers alike have moved to faux or synthetic lashes. Watch the video below for more on this.

The top brands claim to supply only cruelty-free mink fur, but that is a hard guess as it is impossible to know what goes on in the mink farms around the world where the fur is harvested.

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