Cluster Eyelashes – Are they Worth It? Grow Yours Naturally

cluster eyelash extensions

Cluster eyelashes will add volume to your natural eyelashes, enhance your looks dramatically, draw people to your eyes, and enhance your confidence even without applying mascara.
It is every woman’s desire to look good and be the best version of herself naturally without trying too hard. If cluster lashes are something that you consider, then stick with me, as I tell you everything about it and especially how I grew my own natural lashes to look like extensions in 4 weeks. Read Also: The best mink cluster lashes.
grow mink lashes naturally

What are cluster lashes?

cluster eyelashes
This is a group of lashes bundled together in a little cluster like a fan. The base of cluster lashes is held with an adhesive, giving it a little knot. The weight of this knot, coupled with that of the glue used to place it on your natural eyelash can cause strain. This could result in permanent hair loss also known as Traction Alopecia. people go for these because they are cheap and could last longer. Later on, I will show you how to grow longer lashes without the risk of applying these clusters. If you do, please don’t keep cluster lashes on for more than a week.

Individual cluster lashes

individual cluster lash and eyelash extension
Individual cluster lashes are groups of false lashes bonded together also called flare lashes. In most cases, the cluster is attached to a single natural eyelash. That is only the case when it is super lightweight and was intended that way. In other cases, a cluster is applied to a group of natural eyelashes or the eyelid. Very commonly, glue is spilled between your natural lashes causing a mess as in the above image. OK, this is a complete disaster and very risky to the skin and to your natural eyelash.

Cluster lash extensions

These are single lash extensions or single strains of false lashes that are glued to your individual natural eyelashes. As you can tell, the process is quite a time consuming one and should ideally be done by a professional. In some cases, extensions are done with 2 or more false lashes attached to a single natural lash. They could be a nightmare to take off some times. Just watch this video till the to get a first-hand experience taking off cluster lashes.

Volume Eyelashes

Volume lashes are safer alternatives to clusters. They come in little sets of 2 to 6 false lashes that are applied to a single natural eyelash for a full clean and more natural look. They are extremely light so as not to strain your lashes.

Grow your eyelashes naturally without fake extensions

get long natural eyelashes within weeks
In as much as eyelashes may not be a big deal to some women, it is one of the beauty points to most women. Eyelashes go a long way in enhancing one’s look and beauty. The shape, size, and general look of your eyelashes can speak volumes about you not just scoring you points of good grooming but giving you that chance to bask in the glory of your beauty.

Why do I have short eyelashes?

The issue of eyelashes being short or not growing may be biological or related to one’s lifestyle in that the foods you eat or rather hormonal imbalance in the body. It is thus essential for one to know why they have the type of eyelashes they have and what they can do about them before seeking any remedy to avoid side effects and improve themselves

Myths on How to grow your eyelashes

  1. Brushing eyelashes make them grow

    Can brushing your eyelashes constantly promote growth? It’s possible, but I will beg to differ. This is because brushing brings about unwanted friction atop the epidermis causing cuticle damage. Tools for brushing the eyelashes are harsh on the skin around the eye making your natural eyelashes fall off.

  2. Natural Oils make eyelashes grow

    As much as natural oils are good. There is no empirical evidence that natural oils make eyelashes grow longer. It is advisable to speak with your dermatologist about eyelash serum options rather than this.

Lash Energizer: Increase eyelash density in 2 to 4 weeks

Buy Lash-Energizer online
This product is your number one solution to growing natural long and cute eyelashes. It is because of these reasons that Lash Energizer came up with this excellent product to make your dream come true. It has always been hard to find companies that place their customer’s needs first but Lash Energizer has proven to be a friend to many women by offering the best eyelash growth products to their clients since 2002.

Lash Energizer is a solution for people dealing with stressful eyelashes. Lash Energizer provides the best alternative to fake cluster lashes. With their simple toolkit, you can transform your eyelashes into the shape and size you have always wanted with no stress at all. Lash Energizer is a product designed to help women who are extremely sensitive to the size of their eyelashes and their look especially those who find themselves with thin or short eyelashes or those that quickly fall.

As an eyelash enhancer, it is easy to use and detailed in such a way that it will easily satisfy your needs. Lash Energizer products have been well prepared to meet the needs of women

How does Lash Energizerh work?

Using Lash Energizer is quite straightforward and efficient. Three simple steps should be followed to get those eyelashes you have always wanted. To use Lash Energizer when you get home in the evenings

  1. Wash and remove all makeup from your face with a mild cleaner or water. Dry your face.
  2. Apply the product to the bases of your lashes carefully and neatly to cover all the lashes.
  3. Comfortably go to sleep and let Lash Energizer do the work for you while you sleep.

What are the results and how long does it take

Lash Energizer has been manufactured to give results. In only twenty-eight days you will start to see visible effects of the product. Lash Energizer enables your eyelashes to grow thicker, longer, darker, and fuller. This makes you have better eyelashes than the synthetically manufactured eyelashes and let us become real to one.

Lash regrowth testimonials

Lash Energizer has had a good record from those who have tried it out. Not only is it pocket-friendly but the results are sexier eyelashes than even those for celebrities or television icons. The best thing about Lash Energizer is that you can only buy it online and it will be brought to you through the Lash Energizer website to ensure that you get the real product.

Lash Energizer Brand

Lash Energizer a brand of of Betsala Group LTD is a company that has been accredited for providing safe and effective products that enable people to supplement their lives. Their main agenda for providing quality products at competitive prices has seen them be the best in the health and beauty products sector.

How to purchase Lash Energizer

Despite the numerous benefits of using Lash Energizer and other beauty products, it has been a challenge for many to access them for their use. You can now access Lash Energizer for sale online through their website here. They make sure that all their customers are satisfied with their products through their feedback system where you can tell them your experience with the product. Ensuring that the customer is happy is their mantra, and this is why we are the leading sellers of beauty products online.

Other ways to get natural cluster eyelashes

A natural solution to cluster lashes

There can be natural ways to get results. One’s eyelashes may fail to grow due to hormonal imbalance that can easily be corrected by a dermatologist, or due to the foods; one is taking or not taking. It is also essential to consider other solutions to ensure that you get the maximum results that one can get. Foods and exercises are the natural ways that one can try to make their eyelashes grow.

FAQ’s on Cluster Lashes

  • Are cluster lashes safe?

    Cluster lashes are only relatively safe if applied properly by a professional. But the downside is more. Using glue can have severe adverse effects on the skin. Also, the weight of the cluster causes strain that can cause permanent damage to your natural eyelashes.

  • Can you get cluster lashes wet?

    It is recommended to keep your lashes dry for at least 48 hours after applying them to give the glue enough time to set. Whether or not you can get cluster lashes wet after the 48 hours minimum will depend on the type of glue used by your professional.

  • How long do cluster lashes last?

    Expert recommendations for how long to keep cluster lashes vary from 1 day to weeks or until the natural lash falls off. I will not personally keep cluster lashes for more than 1 week due to the risk involved. It is actually much better to grow your eyelashes naturally without extensions.

  • Can you reuse cluster lashes?

    The short answer is yes. But you can only reuse cluster lashes if they are reusable, neatly kept, and of high quality. Sadly, the cheap ones will fall off easily and shouldn’t be reused. Magnetic eyelashes don’t use glue and are reusable for example.

  • What are the best brands for cluster lashes?

    Some of the best brands of cluster eyelashes include Eylure, Ardell, Sweed, Lilly, Huda, MAC, Icona, Kiss, BEPHOLAN, Lotus, and more.


Your face mainly helps one makes the first impression of you in many areas. It is thus very essential that you take care of every part of it not to just boost your self-esteem but to also ensure that you do not lose opportunities due to misrepresentation of one’s true self. Eyelashes form a necessary part of your face structure, and you should pay attention to it to maximize your general look. If you considered using cluster lashes to enhance your looks, why not grow natural eyelashes without spending on falsies?
Credit: Images Sourced from BELLA LASH

Bonus Video: Applying Individual cluster Lashes

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