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Stuck at home with just food and TV?

The pandemic is causing a dependence on ultra-processed, high-calorie, low-nutrient products and canned foods which are often stuffed with sodium, fat, and sugar. Statistics show we eat and drink more, coupled with little or no exercise.

The #1 Clinically Proven Appetite Suppressant & Herbal Weight Loss Aid To Stay In Shape During the LockDown.

  • women's health
    I’d never taken pills for anything but I had nothing to lose. Even though I was going to the gym a few times a week, because I was eating so much it didn’t help me lose any weight. Eating junk food was the only thing that made me feel better about being away from home. When I started using Zotrim I stopped craving all the crisps and sugary stuff that I’d got used to eating all the time, and it definitely made me feel fuller much sooner, so I didn’t need to eat so much at meal times. So because I was much more in control of my eating, all that effort at the gym started paying off and I ended up looking even better than I did before I moved to the UK!
    Buhle Mncube
  • women's health
    I’d tried lots of weight loss pills before but nothing worked, so I didn’t really believe Zotrim would work either, but it was the best decision I’ve made in years. What helped me the most was the difference it made to my energy levels. I work really long hours and used to feel constantly tired. I just couldn’t be bothered to exercise even when I had the time to, but with Zotrim I feel a lot more energised and much more inclined to get active at the weekends; that’s what’s really helped me shed the weight. It’s great for my job too – I don’t need to worry I might fall asleep during an important meeting now!
    Louise Hilborne
  • women's health
    My husband calls me a ‘yummy mummy’ now! And he’s lost weight too because of the smaller portion sizes I now serve up. It was really difficult with two young children. Being a full time Mum I didn’t have time to eat properly myself, so I just ate their leftovers during the day and then once they’d gone to bed I’d cook a big meal for me and my husband – my portion sizes could probably have fed at least two people, but I figured seeing as I hadn’t eaten properly during the day it was ok to catch up by eating more in the evening. Zotrim has helped me to better manage the way I eat, and as a family we’re much healthier now than before I started taking Zotrim because I’m passing on my good eating habits to the whole family
    Heidi Lambeth

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